It's all about change...and preparing for it.

Our working environment is rapidly changing with organizations of all types continually looking for new ways of generating revenue, controlling costs and optimizing productivity. Advancing technologies are providing innovative solutions for handling and increasing commercial and economic demands.


Communications and information technologies must be converged across all media types – not just data, but also voice and video.


NEC understands these challenges and strives to offer advanced solutions to help businesses meet and surpass their potential and business objectives. The Univerge SV8000 Series is designed to efficiently, and cost effectively prepare organizations for the opportunities available today, and for those of tomorrow.


By uniting all business communication devices, such as mobile handsets, PDAs, soft phones, and other IP devices, the Univerge SV8000 accelerates decision-making and dramatically improves customer responsiveness. By bringing this information together, it provides instant access and transforms it into real knowledge.


The result? You are truly in the driver’s seat.


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