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• Tech Tips

 1. Decrease employee complaints with a hands-free system

 2. Network speed down to a crawl?

 3. Cost-effective monitoring of your valuables

 4. Keeping your building secure

 5. Can I add a P.A. system to my current telephone system?

 6. Are you ready for an emergency?

 7. What is VoIP?

 8. What can you do in case of a sudden power spike?


• User Guides & Manuals (all are pdf files unless specified)

Allworx User Guides

  • Allworx General System User Guide

  • Allworx Phone Function Reference Card

  • Phone Guide 9202 IP Telephone Set

  • Phone Guide 9204 IP Telephone Set

  • Phone Guide 9212 9212L IP Telephone Set

  • Phone Guide 9224 IP Telephone Set

  • White Label Template For 9212 IP Sets (this is a Word doc)

  • White Label Template for 9224 IP Sets (this is a Word doc)


NEC Aspire User Guides

  • Analog Telephone User Guide

  • Aspire Basic Operation

  • Aspire Mail Admin Guide

  • Aspire Mail Quick Ref Guide

  • Aspire Multibutton Feature Guide


NEC SV8100 User Guides

  • 2 Button Phone User Guide

  • 6 Button Phone User Guide

  • 12-24-32 Button Phone User Guide

  • Desi Label Setup (this is an .exe file)

  • Desi User Guide

  • Phone User Guide

  • Single Line Telephone User Guide

  • Quick Ref. Guide SV8100

  • VM8000 InMail Quick Reference Sheet v1.0

  • Voice Mail Admin User Guide

  • Voice Mail User Guide


Panasonic User Guides

  • Basic Operating Instructions for Panasonic PBX Telephone Systems

  KX-T76xx Operating Guide

  KXT7667 User Guide

  KXDT 300 Series Quick Reference Guide

  TVM Voice Mail Admin Manual

  TVM Voice Mail User Guide

  KXTDA 30-600 User Manual


Samsung User Guides

  • DS 5000 Quick Ref Guide

 DS 5000 User Guide

  • iDCS Digital Quick Ref Guide

  • iDCS Keyset User Guide

  • SVMi E Series Quick Reference Guide

  • SVMi E Series System Admin Quick Ref Guide

  • System Administrator Guide


"New phones are great! Training was simple and system seems perfect for our size of office."

~ Sue, Tri-County Insurance


"The Allworx system is great.  It works well for our small office, has great sound quality and most importantly is extremely easy to operate." ~ Michelle, Tri-County Insurance

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