One-of-a-kind security solutions unmatched by competitors


When it comes to Burglar Alarms and Security Systems, there’s one name that stands out from the rest – Honeywell.


Honeywell is one of North America's leading manufacturers of Burglar Alarms & Security Systems. With solid features and robust system capabilities, you’ll find Honeywell Security Systems second to none.


BCT Security Systems (a division of BCT Communication Systems Inc.) offers both Honeywell platforms – Vista and Lynx.


The Vista security system is designed to provide superior protection for both business and residential applications. It is completely expandable and provides the versatility that suits small and large applications.


The Vista system supports both wired and wireless security devices which makes it the perfect choice for most business and commercial locations.


The Lynx security platform is a sleek user-friendly system designed for the residential homeowner or small business. Offering wireless communication and smartphone applications, it is the system that other smart home monitoring manufacturers are trying to copy.


Honeywell’s “Total Connect” application enhances the Lynx platform and turns it into a powerful security tool with a user friendly interface and brilliant features to keep concerned homeowners & entrepreneurs connected to their system remotely by using their mobile smart devices. Other companies have tried to mimic it, but no one can match it.


The Honeywell LYNX Touch 5200

Maintain Piece of Mind

A break-in or home invasion can be a traumatic experience that often results not only in a loss of valuables & treasured belongings, but a feeling of violation and uneasiness. It’s a proven fact that most intruders are more likely to pass by a residence or business that has a security system installed on the premises. As a homeowner or entrepreneur, you have the right to feel safe and secure where you live and work, and a security system installed by BCT is an inexpensive way to gain piece of mind and that secure feeling you deserve.


Find out how a low cost Burglar Alarm & Security System from BCT Security Systems will help protect your home or business from unwanted intruders.


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BCT announces merger with Gilbert Security Systems

BCT Communications is proud to announce we have merged with Gilbert Security Systems to form a new division within our company called “BCT Security Systems”.


Gilbert Security Systems has been a security icon in Southern Ontario for more than 30 years. Their knowledge & expertise in the Burglar Alarms & Security Systems business is a welcome addition to our already diverse line-up.


This merger allows BCT to offer one-of-a-kind solutions to our clients that is unmatched by any of our competitors.


Not only can we supply everything from telephone services & equipment, cabling, & controlled access…. but now, we can help you protect your valuable property by offering security & video surveillance systems as well as providing 24 hour monitoring services.


At BCT, one call literally does it all.


Don't let this happen to you!

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